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Google Chrome is a web browser designed for the new genereation of computers
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Google Chrome is a web browser designed for the new genereation of computers and computer users. Everything in Google Chrome is designed for easy access and quick actions: for example, you just don't have to search in menus for whatever you are looking for. Google Chrome enables you to search and browse the web from a single address bar. Just type a word and Google Chrome will suggest you quick search and all the web pages related to that word. Google Chrome simplifies the web browsing to what it should be like.


- Search and browse the web from the same address bar.
- Google Chrome shows thumbnails for all most visited sites when you open a new tab, so you just have to make a single click to check your mail or visit a site.
- Google Chrome helps you in browsing privately. You can use incognito window if you don't want your site address to be stored to the history.
- One-click bookmark button.
- Use tabs for multiple site browsing. You can drag tabs to create a window or drag a window to create a tab.
- Google Chrome warns you if you open a malware or phishing web site.
- You can backup all your passwords and bookmarks from your existing web browser to Google Chrome in single click.
- A very compact in-built download manager shows the status of a download at the bottom of Google Chrome.
- In-built spell checker that checks spellings as you type or paste any text.
- Extremely fast browsing speed.

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  • All new web browser with extraordinary browsing speed
  • An in-built download manager


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