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A fast and extremely light-weight browser by Google
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Google Chrome was released in 2008 and since then it has become one of the most widely used Internet browsers in the world. Developed by Google, the leading company in web technologies, Chrome is still quickly gaining popularity among the connoisseurs of simplicity and style. This fast and light-weight browser by Google has won affection worldwide, but apparently the developers are not going to rest on their laurels and continue improving the program all the time.

The first and the main advantage of Google Chrome is undoubtedly its web page loading speed. Google programmers promised to create the fastest browser ever, and they really seem to have kept the word. This is proved by numerous tests carried out by software enthusiasts; not to mention the user easily notices it himself. Web page loading is not the only point that allows the user to work faster. Thanks to the absence of any rarely accessed elements the application itself takes only a few moments to launch. Google care about stability as well. Unlike other web browsers, Chrome crashes but very rarely, which adds to the pleasure of surfing the Internet.

Chrome's interface is really worthy of praise. It is by no means overloaded, so all the options are very easy to find. Chrome was also one of the first browsers to support tabbed browsing and dividing different tabs into separate windows, which comes in handy when you have lots of websites to look through at a time - say, to copy and paste some information from one page to another. To accelerate browsing through the Internet even more, the developers inserted thumbnails of the most frequently visited pages to every newly opened tab. Chrome also makes it extremely handy to bookmark favourite pages: the user just presses the star next to the address bar, renames the bookmark if necessary, and it appears right above all other panes. The address bar itself, by the way, works as a search bar, which forwards the user right to the Google search page; so he is free from typing in another unnecessary link.

Another remarkable feature of the browser is the support of the Google Translate plug-in. The plug-in scans the webpage and, given it detects a language other than the native language of the user, suggests translating the contents. Apart from this plug-in, Google Chrome, as an open-source product supported by a wide range of independent developers, gives access to a variety of other useful and time-saving applications available at the Chrome web store, such as RSS readers and mail agents, both free and commercial.

The year 2011 was marked with an important update of the web browser. The developer released the new, significantly improved, 13th version of the application, which now works even faster thanks to its Instant Pages feature. The said feature manages prerendering of web pages even before the user clicks to open them, which generally makes the web page loading speed up to three times as high as before. In addition to this, the developers fixed more than 5200 errors and improved the stability of the program's performance.

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  • Fast launch, fast page loading
  • Intuitive, not overloaded interface
  • Convenient Favourites bar
  • Search from the address bar
  • Independent tabs


  • Incorrect rendering of some websites
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