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No specific info about version 34.0 beta. Please visit the main page of Google Chrome on Software Informer.

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  • 1
    Guest 4 months ago

    When will Chrome for Windows 10 be available?

  • 2
    Guest 4 months ago

    Software Informer tells me that my actual release of Google Chrome is 43 and that release 44 is available. However Google Chrome tells me that my installed release is already 44 !
    And when I want to download the update from Software Informer for Google Chrome, I only get an error code 404.

  • 6
    Ãrøñ Hüśęñ 5 months ago

    Why can't I download Google Chrome? Please answer.

    • 4
      David Carpenter 5 months ago

      Strange. Try using this link to download Chrome by choosing the version you need.

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