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Google Chrome is a fast browser that makes surfing meaningful and easy
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In the current tough competition among Internet browsers, many of them rely on large lists of features trying to fit users' browsing habits. However, if it is speed that you are looking for, then Google’s Chrome is your obvious choice, as it certainly is one of the fastest browsers out there.

Chrome’s speed relies on the built-in JavaScript engine, namely, the V8 project. However, high speed is not its only asset – security and privacy are also taken into account. Thus, if you happen to end up browsing a suspicious website, which contains malware or phishing, you will get a warning alert. “Incognito mode” browsing, also known as “private browsing”, means that once you have closed your browser, it will erase all the files left behind by the pages visited.

Chrome comes also with a built-in search engine, so you can type the search phrase directly in the address box. Extensions support is pretty much integrated in the latest beta version, allowing you to update and perform some other easy tasks. The new translation feature identifies your current page and offers you a possible translation when needed. The latest synchronization option allows you to synchronize your existing bookmarks with this new browser, as well as your Preferences and Themes with your GMail account. As a whole, Chrome has become not only the fastest browser, but also one of the most flexible and user-friendly ones.

Chrome was first started as a beta on September 2008 with support only for Windows operating systems. Due to its popularity and reach, a stable version was released on December 2008, with support for other platforms.

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