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Brand new browser by Google with many customizeble start pages
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Just when whe thought the browsers' battle was over, Google came up with a brand new idea and offers his web Browser. An interesting name was given to this creation: "Chrome". When I first saw the announcements at Google and other news sites, I thought, "Oh right, here is another Gladiator who will try to beat Microsoft's internet Explorer, and will die trying it". Well I have to say that Google Chrome is a very good challenger with a lot of chances to win Microsoft Internet Explorer's Crown. If you take a look at other browsers that we've seen (Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, Crazy browser, etc) they are, to my humble opinion, nothing more than a face-lifted copy of Internet Explorer (but with a chineese clock machinery hehe). I'm not such a big fan of Microsoft Internet Explorer, but I had to resign myself and uninstall other browsers from my computer because none of them worked as well as the Internet Explorer. In Google's Chrome case, this is different, I had many nice surprices after installing it: First one is that you don't have that many "uncustomizable" buttons on the toolbar. As a maeter of fact, the toolbar is very simple, because, there is no toolbar at all. Then I began surfing into the web pages that I normally visit, and It happened the same that occured to me when I was trying to sign into my bank with Firefox. The Flash plguin was not installed and it was requesting permission to install it. Unlike Firefox, with one click I had the plugin up and running in acouple of minutes, thing that I was never able to do with firefox. Other thing that called my attention was that there is no "home" button on the toolbar, Instead, I realized that many "home" buttons can be customized on demmand. So I did not have to go and open the Favorites folder and look for my favorte favorites. The last thing I found in Google Chrome was when I closed it and oppened again, the first things you see are the tiled icons of the most/last visited during your surfing, so again, you don't have to go to the same start page. I strongly recommend you to try it, it is still a Beta wich means that it might have some little issues, but I'm sure that in a short period of time, such issues will be solved.

Rodrigo Rodriguez
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  • Easy bookmark organization, multiple choice start page


  • it's not a final program wich means that it could have some issues
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