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Browse the web both regularly or in private mode, open as many as tabs as you want, watch videos from YouTube and other websites without installing Adobe's Flash player, bookmark your favorite websites and save login credentials for various websites.

Still considered the world’s favorite browser, Google Chrome does not cease to amaze its millions of users with every new version while attracting new ones at the same time. Being a Google product, Chrome syncs perfectly with all your Google accounts and products, allowing you to access all your data virtually from anywhere. Its privacy and accessibility features are also among the best available out there.

Taking into account that both Opera and the new Microsoft Edge are both based on Google’s Chromium technology, it is safe to say that it has proven to be the fastest and most reliable Web browsing technology you can use. The devil is, as usual, in the detail. The technology behind them may be exactly the same, but both in terms of browser design and resource management, there are big differences among all Chromium-based browsers.

For obvious reasons, Chrome beats all of them when it comes to Google integration, and this platitude is of a great importance when we ask ourselves this question – who is not connected to Google in one way or another? Therefore, having your browser synchronized with your e-mail account and all your cloud-based data in a simple, transparent, and straightforward way is of great relevance to many users. Hence its growing popularity.

The new version of Google Chrome hasn’t changed significantly neither visually nor functionally when compared to previous ones. And that is both good and bad. Good because regular Chrome users will be glad to find the privacy and security features they all know and love, as well as the Incognito browsing mode, the myriad of extensions available and, of course, the Google search engine in all its glory. And bad because this browser still has the dubious honor of being (also) the leader among all resource-hungry browsers. And this is not a Chromium-related issue, as other Chromium-based browsers display a clearly better resource management policy.

Google Chrome hasn’t stopped topping the charts of the “Best Browser of the Year” lists during the last few years, but other contenders are getting closer, especially in terms of memory management. If ever this browser manages to sort out this issue, no other contender will dare to dispute its domination.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Fast browsing
  • Blocks ads automatically
  • Includes accessibility features
  • Syncs with all your Google accounts and products


  • Offers limited "save as" options for saving pages
  • Eats up your memory resources
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