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The Chrome web browser is known for its working speed and sleek interface
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First released in 2008, Google Chrome continues to mature, taking on the best features and fixing bugs of its previous versions. In this vein, the version 13 had instant pages; version 17- a new layer of security protection for downloading files from the Internet; and Chrome 18 featured improved Canvas2D speed and WebGL reach, among other numerous changes and bug fixes.

In general, Google Chrome is popular for its working speed and sleek interface, which lacks the usual pack of numerous menus. The version 19 of Chrome, released in Spring of 2012, despite featuring fewer changes than the previous versions, lacking built-in privacy properties, and keeping occasional minor site incompatibilities, has yet something to be loved for and spoken of. The killer feature in Chrome 19 is tab synchronization.

Using Tab sync, you get access to the Internet pages you have visited in your personalized Chrome on any other PC or device. For example, during your dinner break at work you find where to buy the camera you've always wanted, but at home you realize that you forgot to copy the address. With Tab sync, it is possible to open that very tab on another computer and find the information without having to begin a new search. The saved tabs are available through the 'Other Devices' menu on the New Tab page.

Tab synchronization is available only after you sign in onto your Google account within Chrome. The link leading to the sign-in form is positioned in the right upper corner of the New Tab screen – a slight change in the looks.

The synced data can be viewed and managed on Google Dashboard. It is also possible to stop syncing and delete all saved data. If you don't need tab synchronization anymore, you can easily disconnect your Google account from Chrome through the Settings menu. But disconnecting your account will not result in the data on Google Dashboard being deleted as well, take care to do it manually. Tab sync works in all Chrome varieties regardless of the operating system you use. So nothing prevents you from finishing the project you started at work on your home PC or a mobile device.

It should be mentioned that not only tabs are synced. This also works with bookmarks, applications, history, themes, extensions and other settings that were modified under the personalized Chrome. So the interface is the same and familiar on any machine you use.

All in all, in spite of some remaining bugs (like site incompatibilities), Google Chrome 19 is a more universal tool providing its users with new ways to ease their lives and make working with the Internet fun, quick and productive.

Nova Vozrak
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  • Fast start-up
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Search from the address bar
  • Independent tabs


  • Lack of built-in privacy properties
  • Occasional minor site incompatibilities
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