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The Google team have focused mainly upon security, which is really good news
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As time passes, Google Chrome is undergoing hardly noticeable, yet important changes: it is becoming more secure, which is definitely great. The new Chrome has undergone 15 security fixes, with the majority of them being of medium or high severity and only one considered to be critical. So, surfing the Internet with Chrome has become safer.

The new key feature Chrome boasts is the inclusion of getUserMedia API. This technology lets Web applications use your computer's camera and microphone without installing any plug-ins, making the first step for the WebRTC – a new standard for the high-quality real-time communication on the Web.

When Chrome 21 was released, the developers encouraged the users to try out several 'toys' based upon the getUserMedia API technology. One of these 'experiences', as Google call them, allowed you to live-view the drawing of your portrait on the sand done by a robot in the Science Museum in London. It was made upon your photo, taken through the web camera and changed into an outline picture. Unfortunately, I still haven't tried it, but I'd like to, because it really sounds cool.

Google Chrome is also following the tendency of graphic experience perfection, started by Apple with the introduction of their high-resolution Retina display. Now those of us who are the happy owners of devices with Retinas can taste the full quality the technology can provide, enjoying the high-quality graphics even when browsing. Unfortunately, without a retina display before your eyes it is impossible to say if it really differs from how it was before.

The latest releases of Chrome show that the Google team have focused mainly upon security, which is really good news for users. Yet, some bugs do remain, like unstable work of flash video plug-ins, and these are yet to be solved.

Nova Vozrak
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  • More secure
  • Integrated getUserMedia API
  • New graphics


  • Unstable work of video flash plug-ins
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