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Google Chrome is a marvelous new web browser from Google Inc
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Google Chrome is a next-generation web browser developed by Google Inc., and a good competitor to the widely used Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The program has a very beautiful yet simple design. When I used it, I found that all websites load faster than with any other web browser.

These are some of the good features that I found: tab-based browsing, neat history with search capability, download center, bookmark manager, and many others. A wonderful new feature is the incognito browsing which will not save any personal data, web history, nor leave any traces.

Moreover, your browsing data can be cleared with just one click. You can choose to erase browsing data of the last day, last month, or everything.

If you fear that you may lose your saved passwords, history, and bookmarks, do not worry as Google Chrome can import these settings from Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google toolbar.

Its developers care a lot about accessibility and ease of use, as the browser shows a tab with the most visited websites as thumbnails, in addition to the recently closed and bookmarked web-pages.

Apart from the usual improvements and fixes of every new release, the new version of Chrome released on November 2 2009, presents a new feature called 'bookmark sync'. With this option, very useful for people who use two or more computers, you will be able to synchronize and update your bookmarks instantly so as to access them from every computer you use, thus avoiding the need to add them manually.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Fast
  • Tab-based browsing


  • Miss many features of its competitors
  • Some web-pages are incorrectly rendered
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